Hire one of the most experienced
headshot photographer in Omaha!
We will do the shoot, you pick your favorites
and I edit them with your direction.
You leave with the digital images!
Complete sessions starting at $100.00
You never get a second chance to
make a first impression.
M.J.B. Photography Studio
2665 Farnam St. suite 101
Omaha NE 68131
Ask about our portable
professional studio
for headshots and executive photos!
Call Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss
headshot photography ideas to help your
people look their very best.
Our corporate event photography team is an
experienced group of professional
photographers that capture the highlights and
details of your event.
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Professional headshot by M.J.B. Photography Studio
Corporate photograph by M.J.B. Photography.
Professional headshots, team photos,
corporate event photography, pictures to
update your website or advertising.
 Team portrait taken by M.J.B. Photography Studio.
Headshot photographer Omaha
Corporate event photo by M.J.B. Photography Studio.
Professional headshot and corporate event photography omaha
The Great Thing About Our Portable Professional Headshot Studio!
Our portable studio is very popular because we come to you! Our photography team will set up our portable
headshot studio in any available area, and each person gets a headshot session. This saves your staff the headache
of having to travel to my studio and save your business much time. At M.J.B. Photography, we name the file as the
name of your employee, making it easy to find photos of the person you need a photo of.
Call Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss your headshot photography needs, or email him with any question.
Corporate event photography by M.J.B.
Call Michael Becka at 402-512-0932
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Professional and affordable corporate photo by M.J.B.
Headshot in Omaha
Event photography in Omaha by M.J.B. Studio
Corporate event photographer in Omaha
Headshot of  Walter Scott, by M.J.B. Photography Studio
The Great Thing About Coming to M.J.B. Photography Studio for your Headshot!
When you have your headshot taken at our studio, you preview your photos immediately after the shoot. You pick out
the headshots you like and I edit them with your direction. You tell me how many wrinkles to reduce, how much to
brighten your smile and eyes. We can reduce a double chin, and even take off a few pounds if that is what you want.
At M.J.B. Photography, you get exceptional customer service with professional results.
Corporate event photography captures the highlights of your business' meeting.
At award ceremonies I photograph the presentation of each award winner, the handshake, and a quick
posed picture with the winner and the person presenting the award. I unobtrusively photograph each
speaker, the venue, table settings and people enjoying the event. Any special guests are given more
attention and a private gallery is provided for you to pass on to all who will want to see the photos.
A password can be added for extra security. Michael Becka is a corporate event photographer for
Fortune 500 companies and local small business' as well. Our prices are competitive and copyright release
is given for you to use the photos to use in any way you need.
Some companies have added headshot photography
to their event to update everyone's profile picture while everyone is together.
Contact Michael Becka, owner and lead photographer at
402-612-0932 to discuss your event photography needs.
professional headshot in omaha by M.J.B. Photography Studio
professional team photograph by M.J.B. Photo studio
affordable professional headshot in omaha NE M.J.B. Photography
Event Photography Omaha by M.J.B.
corporate event photography by Michael Becka owner of M.J.B.
Omaha headshot Photographer